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I'm confused as to why we torture ourselves with silly things such as destination and time.

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*Arrowhead Apparel*

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Almost time to make my way to the dance studio. #GrindWithMe haha
I’m so done with girls lol


get an actual septum piercing or nah? 
Anonymous: I can't believe someone would say something like that to you. You're not a bitch and you definitely didn't deserve to be abused as a child. I seriously cannot believe that people send such hateful messages to people they don't know. You were right to call that asshole, a child.

Thank you, love. Thank you so much. :)

I don’t mind, honestly. I’ve done quite well for myself and I don’t struggle with low self esteem anymore so comments and hateful messages like that just roll right off my back. You can call me a bitch for standing up for what I say but at least I’ll never feel as empty and hateful as someone who takes time out of their day to send anonymous hate mail.