Last night’s Supermoon.
Anonymous asked:
Do you go for really girly girls?

Not really but that’s like If you’re talking about girls who only wear leggings and high heels. I hate the idea that lesbians have to date someone whose their opposite (butch w/ femme etc). I’m usually attracted to feminine sporty/active girls who don’t obsess over make up or crop tops. Over all, I’d just like to be with someone who is comfortable on both ends of the spectrum - clothes and state of mind.


Coworker brought in donuts this morning. I’m always winning that donut game.  Photographed by elise luskin.


how many times do i have to reblog you before you notice i wanna talk to you

girlfriend goals
foreverbemines asked:
Did your arrow tattoo on your arm hurt?

yeah, it’s hard to reach that point of numbness you feel when you’re getting a tattoo when a needle is constantly poking at your bone. It’s not fun but it’s definitely bearable.